Potts & Hennings

Edward Potts (1839-1901) was born in Bury, Greater Manchester on 4 March 1839. He was articled to George Woodhouse from 1854 and in the London office of John Pritchard and John Pollard Sleddon from 1860. In 1861 Potts went into partnership with G Woodhouse in Oldham and was later Senior partner in Potts, Sulman and Hennings of London
Arthur William Hennings (1872-1926) was born in Manchester. Articled to Sir John Sulman in May 1872 he remained in that office until February 1888 He passed his qualifying exam in 1888.
Hennings continued the business of Sulman when he left for Sydney, in partnership with Edward Potts and Edward’s son William Potts.
William Edward Potts was a pupil of his father from about 1875 and remained in the office of his father excepting for 18 months in the office of John Sulman. Studying at University College, London he passed his qualifying exam in 1888.
Extracted from Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, British Architectural Library.

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