Mithian Institute 1894

“On Thursday, before visiting Chacewater, Mr Passmore Edwards, with his wife, son and daughter, went to Mithian, where they made a brief stay in order that Mr Edwards might open the pretty little Institute which has been erected there. The necessity of a Institute for Mithian has been long felt by the villagers, and a an effort was made by themselves to supply the want. land was obtained and the walls of the proposed Institute were raised, but through lack of funds no further progress could be made. Mr Passmore Edwards was appealed to, and at once communicated with Messers F Symons & Son, Blackwater, who were instructed to complete the unfinished structure. At the same time Mr Edwards expressed regret that the foundations would not allow a larger and more commodious building being erected. However, the little institute is much appreciated, and through the kindness of Mr edwards is well stocked with books. the rooms are divided by a wooden partition, and this can be removed when extra space is required for a concert, lecture , and the like.
The ceremony, although not of the most imposing character, was one to be remembered. The children of the Board school, in charge of Mr P Richards, master, were drawn up in lines, and as the welcome visitors arrived they were met with a shower of little bunches of flowers from the children, who cheered lustily, and then sang a Hymn, their singing showing evidence of careful training. In the afternoon a football match took place, and a public tea was largely patronised.” West Briton, 19 April 1894.©Northcliffe Newspapers Group.
After opening the Institute Edwards responded to the vote of thanks by saying that he had been given more praise than he was due. It had been his privilege in Cornwall and in other parts of the Country to erect buildings but that was the first time he had assisted, and only assisted, to erect a building. When he was told what the expense would be he was almost startled at the small amount mentioned. He was only sorry that he was not earlier made aware of their intentions of the parishioners, for had he been, the building would have been of a slightly more imposing character than the present structure. In concluding he said that he hoped, when visiting Perranporth he would have another opportunity of meeting them. He was due in Chacewater in a short time and his only regret was that he could not stay with them longer.
The villagers cheered them off as Passmore Edwards and his family left Mithian to travel the short distance to Chacewater.

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