Nunhead Library

Though initially indicating otherwise, in February 1896 Edwards wrote to Foskett, the Head Librarian with an offer to build the Nunhead library as well as the library at Dulwich, and laid the foundation stone in April of that year. Speaking in response to the thanks given to him Edwards said Camberwell, had increased enormously in population since he lived there and was now one of the most populated parts of London. Having expanded so it was now displaying unusual municipal spirit, by competing with other metropolitan parishes and leaving most of them behind. If there was to be competition what could be better than in the promotion of the public good. He referred to man as being a fighting animal but this didn’t mean that he must be engaged in murderous struggles on the battlefield. How much better if these struggles were in order to provide public buildings. Edwards later said that although he had provided many public libraries it would be one competition that he would be happy to lose, with others taking up the challenge.
Designed by R P Whellock, the Nunhead library is amongst only three Passmore Edwards libraries in London that remained in use in 2020.

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