Books for all

Besides providing buildings, Passmore Edwards, from time to time, sent large contributions of books to public libraries and other institutions.

Amongst such were 
Bethnell Green Free Library 1000 volumes; Barking Public Library, 1000 volumes; Bromley Public Library, 1000 volumes; Battersea Polytechnic, 1000 volumes; Borough Road Polytechnic, 2000 volumes; Cobden Club & Institute, 1000 volumes; Caxton Convalescent Home, 500 volumes; Limpsfield, Camborne Free Library, 1000 volumes; Chelsea Polytechnic, 1000 volumes; Chiswick Library & Mission Hall, 500 volumes; Cornwall Convalescent Home, 500 volumes; Technical Institute & Library, Hayle, 500 volumes; Friendly Societies’ Convalescent Home, 500 volumes; The Library, Crays, Essex, 500 volumes; Lisson Grove Library, 500 volumes; Liskeard Free Library, 500 volumes; Mortimer Street Library, WC, 500 volumes; Marylebone Library, 500 volumes; Nicholas Cole Abbey Club, City, 500 volumes; Paddington Library, 500 volumes; People’s Palace, 1000 volumes; Poplar Library, 1000 volumes; Penzance Free Library, 1000 volumes; Shoreditch Public Library, 1000 volumes; Romford Road Library, West Ham,1000 volumes; Stoke Newington Library, 1000 volumes; Southampton Public Library, 1000 volumes; Salisbury Workingmen’s Club, St George in the east Library, 1000 volumes; St day School and Meeting Room, 500 volumes;Tottenham Public Library, 1000 volumes; Morley Memorial Library, 1000 volumes; Walthamstow Public Library, 1000 volumes; Canning Town Library, 1000 volumes; Whitechapel Public Library, 1000 volumes; Whitechapel Working Lad’s Institute, 500 volumes;Yorkshire Association of Institutes, Leeds,1000 volumes.
Passmore Edwards also contributed in smaller quantities, from 50 to 500 volumes, a still larger number of books to town and village libraries, hospitals, convalescent homes, workmen’s clubs, reading rooms, and other institutions. Amongst these were a number of books given to Ramsgate to start their first library.

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