Miscellaneous Gifts and Donations (and a few that got away)

Well before Edwards commenced his period of “relentless giving” he was already giving large numbers of books to communities and his name appeared on many subscription lists following natural disasters and major accidents . These are just a few of his many other gifts and donations together with some of the offers that failed to reach completion


Oxford University Scholarship

Endowment for historical teaching at University hall, Clare Market (The LSE)

A Perpetual Pension for the Printers Pension Society

Ceremonial Staff, Truro Cathedral

Cobden Club & Institute

Albert Palace

More than 80,000 books

The English Mechanic, a life boat for Broughty Ferry

Endowment for free lecturers at london Public Libraries

A pension for the Actors Benevolent Society

A Pension for the Oddfellows

School for Disabled Children

Egyptian Mummy- Tahemaa

The Passmore Edwards Ocean Library

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