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My aim in creating this web site is to bring together published and unpublished material in a dedication to a man described as both “St Passmore” and the “Cornish Carnegie”. The site was originally built in 2003 but was completely redesigned and rebuilt in 2020. You may find that some links published elsewhere on the internet no longer work but will, hopefully, direct you to the Home Page. Contributions are always welcomed and acknowledged. You may also wish to read my biography of Passmore Edwards “Funding the Ladder, The Passmore Edwards Legacy”.


I have attempted to bring together published and unpublished information on the work and life of one of the great Victorians. May I acknowledge the contributions of others and beg the pardon for those work I have used and have not yet acknowledged.
This site is based around drawings taken from ” Passmore Edwards Institutions, Founding and Opening Ceremonies” by J J MacDonald, published in 1900 by The Strand Newspaper Company Ltd. Apart from Passmore Edwards’ own account, “A Few Footprints”, I have also leant firmly on “John Passmore Edwards, An account of his life and works” by Peter Bayne and “The Life and Good Works of John Passmore Edwards” by R S Best..
In addition to the current and past owners and users of the buildings may I also thank the following for their help, contributions or permission to use previously published material:
Adrian Forty and the Architects Journal; David Knight and the Acton History Group; Pensver Guides; Mrs Joyce Bellamy and the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association; sublimephotography;.Essex Record Office; Jeremy Shearmur and Greenwich Council; Herne Bay Library; Hammersmith & Fulham Archives; Maxine Murphy and the Workingmans Club Institutes Union; Cornwall Local Studies Library; Mike Bundock of Herne Bay, Charles Irwin, Elaine Owens, Katie Brains, Adrian Lewis. I would also like to thank the many people who have sent me photographs and postcards. If you reuse any material from this website I would appreciate it if you credit this site.

Some of the many publications used in compilation of this web site.
A New History of the English Public Library: Alistair Black.
Art for the People: Edited by Giles Waterfield
The Life and Good Works of John Passmore Edwards: R S Best
100 Years in Newlyn, Diary of a Gallery: Melisa Hardie, Editor
John Passmore Edwards, An Account of his life and works: Peter Baynes
J Passmore Edwards, philanthropist: E H Burage
A Few Footprints: John Passmore Edwards
Passmore Edwards Institutions: J J MacDonald
The History of Rate-Supported Public Libraries in London, 1850-1900: Derek Jones
 The First Century; George Tremlett, The Workingmen’s Club and Institute Union Ltd.